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A= £20,000 +

B= £16-19,000

C= £12-15,000



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**APRIL 2021**

Horses are currently very hard to find and I am not going to Holland at present due to Covid restrictions .

We have however sorted the transport and health paper complications out that are caused by BREXIT.

So although very expensive we will continue to source horses in Holland again soon, but the prices will, I am afraid reflect the BREXIT conditions of travel and Tax.

July 2021

SO....Ireland it is then! I have temporarily switched to Irish Sports Horses....Lovely ones they are too! This is all new to me folks as I cannot get out to Holland due to Covid restictions, but seeems to be working out just fine.. They are vetted and viceless!

Call Ruth on 07818131013



Oxfordshire UK

email: dutchsportshorses@gmail.com

All our horses are chosen for their excellent temperaments

and have to be suitable for me to ride and handle with my disabilities

I hand pick the horse myself in Holland where I have my own vet

(unlike other importers apparently who only import them from a video!)

Call Ruth on 07818131013

All are 5* vetted and have a set of OCD X-Rays on a CD Rom (these may be a year or so old but prove they have no chips)

The X-rays are readily available for your own vet to view at your vetting if required

Occasionally an E-pony (15.2 0r smaller) does not have X-rays as it is deemed unnecessary in Holland....but all are open to X-rays should your Insurance require them.