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A= £20,000 +

B= £16-19,000

C= £10-15,000

D= £6-9,000



Call Ruth on 07818131013

**May 2022**

Horses are currently very hard to find but I am once again going to Holland 

  The transport and health paper complications are now sorted but have added a lot of money to the horses.

So although very expensive we will continue to source horses in Holland but the prices will, I am afraid reflect the BREXIT conditions of travel and Tax.

I will, now I have been succesful, continue to source Irish horses too!

Call Ruth on 07818131013



Oxfordshire UK

email: dutchsportshorses@gmail.com

All our horses are chosen for their excellent temperaments

and have to be suitable for me to ride and handle with my disabilities

I hand pick the horse myself in Holland where I have my own vet

(unlike other importers apparently who only import them from a video!)

Call Ruth on 07818131013

All are 5* vetted and have a set of OCD X-Rays from Holland (these may be new or a year or so old but prove they have no chips)

The X-rays are readily available for your own vet to view at your vetting if required

Occasionally an E-pony (15.2 0r smaller) does not have X-rays as it is deemed unnecessary in Holland....but all are open to X-rays should your Insurance require them.